Mortgage brokers are here to save you time

At Go Mortgages, we do all the running around for you so that you get an excellent rate of interest on a loan that works for your set of circumstances.

As well as knowing who to go to, we also know that speed is important because a good deal from a bank on Monday may well have been pulled by Thursday.

Letting us do all the work for you will cut your stress levels and you can use the time you’ve saved to do something more exciting than talk to the banks.

Banks are all different

All lenders have different criteria. So whilst one bank might say no, another might take a different view on things like being self-employed for less than 2 years, lending against unit titles, low incomes, small deposits or having other debts to manage.

It pays to shop around.

But we don’t change

Keeping the banks honest is what we do best. We challenge the rates they offer and make sure that they listen to the individual circumstances of all our clients. This is what makes us good to deal with. We’re on your side.

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